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Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI) were formed exclusively for the aid and assistance of female entrepreneurs and business women. Since there are a multitude of businesses run exclusively by women in Pakistan now, it was the need of the day to provide a separate chamber for them. IWCCI acts as a forum providing an atmosphere catering particularly to the needs and requirements of women entrepreneurs and helping them in promoting their business in local, national and international markets. IWCCI contains of over 1000+ active women entrepreneur’s members. These members are allocating in the cottage to SME’s sector such as hand knotted carpets, handicrafts, designer’s jewelry, textile garments, home decor, furniture, solar, Digital marketing , Supply chain services, consultancy, Event management, software Development, Filming, Health care, Sports & Goods, tourism and all new Business in the business world.


To bring women in to the business by increasing their potential to grow and succeed in a challenging world.


To create a peaceful, stable and thriving nation and free our country from poverty we are determined to elevate the status of women by involving them fully in entrepreneurial activities that advance economic parity and prosperity.




  • To gather women entrepreneurs on a single platform to bring fluency in business.
  • To encourage women entrepreneurs to enroll as members of women chambers.
  • Hand holding and advising of new members.
  • To provide a forum for local and international women entrepreneurs where they can discuss and resolve important issues related to their businesses.
  • To create a network linking between women entrepreneurs and of Pakistan and Abroad.To arrange fairs and exhibitions to sell and promote the products of members.
  • To arrange various training, programmers, seminars, workshops for their awareness of products according to market demands and trends.
  • To solve the problems and different issues of women entrepreneurs
  • To arrange meetings with foreign delegates.
  • To develop linkages between different organizations aiming similar goals.
  • To work as a bridge linking women entrepreneurs and government.
  • Help women entrepreneur by identifying weakness and problems faced by them, and find solutions to overcome these.
  • Eliminate gender discrimination in the business field.
  • Help develop women run businesses with special focus on small and medium enterprises
  • Improve standard of living and alleviate poverty in the country.
  • To undertake activities like survey, research etc. to suggest favorable business related policies.
  • To sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) with overseas Chambers and other business organizations.

Events and Activities

Expo & Exhibitions

Since inspection IWCCI have done Five mega Islamabad expo and various life style exhibitions the purpose of these expos is to provide a market place to home based business and also learning . . .

Seminar / Workshop

IWCCI conduct different seminar/workshop for women entrepreneurs to enhance their skills in different categories. IWCCI focus on product development to bring growth in different businesses in Pakistan . . .

Trade Delegations

IWCCI objective is to promote members businesses nationally and internationally by forming delegations to different countries. We conduct exposer trips to learn and understand international market . . .

Product Development Hub

IWCCI members expose through delegation to different countries that our local business should know about international market. Product development Hub is a platform to cater the local business into . . .

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